Manage Your Home Bar Like A Boss!

Manage your inventory, keep tasting notes, save recipes and much more!

Our favorite bar is the bar we dont have to drive to.

We provide tools allowing you to manage your home bar. Helping you stay on top of what you have, where you got it, when you got it, and numerous other details. In addition, log your tasting notes reviews and ratings. We keep them neatly organized and they are easy to find when you want to refer to them.


Browse over 75000 bottles!

Our database of beer, spirits, breweries, and brands is constantly growing. New items are added daily. Odds are, if you've heard of it, we have information on it. If not, we want to know about it!

Bar Management Tools

We provide tools for you to manage your home bar. Keep track of what you got, where and when you got it and more. Our platform is flexible and can accomodate most people needs. Best of all, it's absolutely FREE!

Rate Everything!

We keep track of your beer, spirit, brand and brewery ratings all in one place that is easy to reference. We also show you aggregated rating data. So you can see a snapshot of what the community things about a particular beer, spirit, brand or brewery.

Reviews Everything!

Log your tasting notes or comments on any beer, spirit, brand or brewery. We keep then neatly organized for you for reference. Browse and read community member's reviews for almost any beer, spirit, brand or breweery.

Coming soon - Recipe/Concoction Management

A new feature coming soon will give you the ability to document and save your drink recipes/concoctions. It's a flexible and powerful way to keep track of your variations on the drinks you love.

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